For authors

As each year, we welcome contributions from partners. As most of the conference will be streamed online. We also welcome speakers who may not come physically to the conference.

Papers of interest cover:

  • Important methodological advances in Integrative Numerical Geology and Geomodeling (theory and applications) ;
  • Improvements and derivative works of technologies initiated by the team (SKUA-GOCAD Research Plugins and RING stand-alone libraries) ;
  • Case studies and applications of RING technologies
  • This year, we also welcome contributions on unsolved challenges in integrative numerical geology: if you have a particular geomodeling challenge which you think calls for developing new research or methodologies, please send a short paper including a description of the problem (typical input data, problem to solve / expected output, and possibly some important aspects to be considered when addressing the problem). Based on the received proposals, we will further interact with you to set up an open problem session where discussion will be promoted.  


Abstract submission(200-500 words):


You will have to go though four steps - the submission is effective only after pressing "Submit" on the Overview page.

You should submit your abstract before 21st of April. After submission, you will be notified by email about the outcome of your abstract. Accepted abstracts are publicly available.


Full Paper submission:

If your abstract has been accepted, the deadline for final papers to be included in the printed proceedings is July 20th. Please note that papers will solely be included in the confidential RING Meeting proceedings, which are only accessible to the RING sponsors. 

To prepare the full paper, please use either the latex or word template available. 

We accept only .pdf as submission format. It can be uploaded by going to MY SPACE / my submissions, and then add the paper using the + symbol. 


Paper length typically vary between 4 and 40 pages.


For Oral Presenters: Please refer to the schedule to plan the duration of your talk (leaving 5-8 minutes for Q&A). 

For Poster Presenters: Please prepare and upload ONE slide (pptx 16/9 format) for a 2-minute speech for the flast poster presentation. Authors are responsible for printing their posters. Pannels accomodate A0 format; please contact us if you would like to use another format


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